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"Hi! I'm Kristina and welcome to my love advice blog for women. I'm an experienced dating & relationship expert/coach and my hope is that this site will be the stepping stone that guides you to a fairytale love story. I know you're pain; I too have traveled to love-life hell and back, only to have survived it all and to have ended up in a beautiful relationship with a great man. Now, with me as your shepherd, it's your turn."
  • I had forgotten how to be the sexy, loving sweet, wonderful, beautiful me until I read your posts!

    — Lexi

  • I've read several books and advice about relationships and yours is the best. It's changing my life.

    — Ana

  • Thax Kristina for your blog; it's really helping me out!

    — Ling

  • I feel like your advice has given me that little extra strength I need!

    — Josie

  • Red Rose Woman is a beautiful book! I wish I had written it myself!

    — Suzanne

  • Kristina,I just devour your blog/articles/emails when I see them in my inbox.

    — Roxy

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Goddess Love Help: Drinking Responsibly On Dates

Drinking responsibly on dates is a must.  It’s obvious advice and yet so few of us follow it.  Why?  Why do many of us ignore these sage words of wisdom of first date etiquette and guzzle anyway?   Here are 3 reasons why drinking responsibly on dates goes out the window… while the vodka gees […]

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When Men Stop Calling

Article I wrote for . He was once head-over-heels for you and now he’s heeled it out of there, nowhere to be found.  I’ve been right where you are quite a few times and it always hurt like hell.  The self-doubt, the analyzing and rehashing of each moment of every date trying to figure […]

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Date Night Beauty Regime: Removing The Mask

Photo: Silvana’s Skin Care spa ( As a dating and relationship coach my tools and techniques mostly involve working with women from the ‘inside-out’: finding a way to get closer to a man by getting closer to yourself and changing your thoughts. Sometimes however it helps to work from the ‘outside-in’.   A Calvin Klein […]

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    Red Rose Woman

    Red Rose Woman:  The Enchantress Inside You What is that thing that certain women possess that make them enchantresses?   A modern enchantress is 100% feminine (sensual, soft, emotional and tender) and at the same time she is independent and confident.  She has Female Fire.   She innately gets that her job in a relationship […]